Turning ideas into prototypes, and then turn those prototypes into products and bring them to market…

The idea of developing her own sportswear brand was born in the mind of Julie, a former gymnast converted to rugby, during the first lockdown. At that time, she was doing a lot of sports and realised that all her clothes came from Asia and wondered if we could do better.... On 4 May this year, after 428 days of hard work, she launched her first collection ACTIVE and the ATAWA brand was officially born.

For months there was a long reflection on the foundations of the company, the vision, mission and values of the brand. All the strategy and product designs were thought out with ATAWA's environmental and social goals in mind. 

Environmental goals:

- Made in Europe

- Recycled fabric

- Designed to last

- Timeless and minimalist

- Multi-functional products

 Social goals :

- Partner with social and governmental institutions

- Be inclusive: range of clothes (sizes, morphology)

- Fight against body shaming

- Financing sports projects

Today, we are very proud to have created this project and look forward to the next adventures.

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